Inkeri Makkonen

I sound and sing, soil and stone

Taidesalonki - Konstsalongen, Helsinki, Finland, 2013

I started creating three-dimensional works when my landscapes seemed to protrude out of the paper.
Two dimensions were not enough. I began to realize more deeply how strongly the substance, character
and strength of the materials I use define my work.

The greyed aspen wood of the relief "See, a man”, reminds me of Kizhi Pogost's silvery aspen roofs and old
boats. Topography has been the starting point for the relief. I have also thought of a boat while working on it.
For me, the rough imprint of the work means that I have submitted to the strength of wood and its will to find
its own way and breaking point.

With my textile work "Fool's coat", I want to awaken people to remember their desire to express their
uniqueness and individuality openly without being excluded from the herd. "Fool's coat" is my cry for
diversity inherent in human nature. A familiar landscape or an event often serves as a starting point for
my paintings. I listen to music and dance while painting. I paint space and movement that music
engenders in me. I also want my paintings to capture something essential of my connection with the
spirit of the place.

When I paint I actually see the elements of landscape as abstract tools, material in space. Wind, water or
light is the element of power that I need to paint, and of which the paintings are born without planning,
rather like sketches.

In Helsinki the 25th of February 2013
Based on text by Inkeri Makkonen
Helinä Siikala